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So, I’m kinda lost today. I need to make an article about se electronics and at the same time I need to research about employee profiling. Employee profiling is something that my boss wanted to do as a change in the organization so that we can hire the right people with right attitudes and values. Results that I see online are mostly an introduction only on their services and mostly it is from another country. Hopefully, I can find something that I can read and learn about or I might just look for a book to help with this project.

So, here I am just thinking out loud again.

Good News!!!

We have received another freebie for this month! Last month, my husband was able to bag four movie tickets for the exclusive screening of Jurassic World. This month, he was able to grab movie tickets for Fantastic four. I am so excited especially for my son! He likes watching super hero’s movies and shows. So we have to do his assignments today and other stuffs as well as looking at some drawer slide at ovis because tomorrow we would be busy again. :D


Thank you Lord for this Blessing!

House of Pugon (Pasig)

One Sunday, we were able to watch at Rated K about this restaurant. It is just near our place so last Sunday, we decided to try it out.

It was just by the front area of Lifehomes in Pasig. Restaurant was just small, no aircon, with few tables, I think about 2 tables and a long table with round stool in front. They also have inner room with two tables using it as karaoke room upon reservation. It was more of a carenderia type.

My son ordered crispysilog – belly crispy with egg and fried rice.

House of pugon, belly crispy

I wanted to order something else (forgot what it was) but unfortunately it was not available. So decided to go for the belly crispy as well. I was just too curious with the crisp. :D

My husband’s first order was not available at first so decided to order for a classic tapsilog.

We ordered additional All meat Pizza.

House of pugon, pizza

Belly crispy was delicious, it was really crispy and taste was just fine but it would be better if it would a pulutan, delicious!

When the Pizza arrived, its aroma is really enticing. The flavorful smell of cheese just makes its mouthwatering. It was thin crust, but not the usual crispy thin crust. It was really delicious.

Service was kinda slow. We have to follow up thrice for our orders and we even noticed that some customer who arrived later was served first. They didn’t have queue number for the customers. Receipt was so blurry that we were not able to read it.

Experience was not so good because of the slow service but we would still go back there because we want to try a meal that’s boodle fight style.

Memorial Cross

Last May we had our company outing and one of our destinations is Mount Samat in Bataan. The Memorial Cross can be seen at the summit of Mount Samat. It is actually a tower, wherein visitors can ride a small elevator going to the arms of the cross. The view up there is beautiful and everyone (including me) seems to enjoy that circle at the end of the arms. Almost all of us have a picture on that spot.

It could have been nice if someone brought musicians friend keyboards and we could have our jamming session up there but too bad, time of stay there is limited as well since there are a lot of people in line who wanted to go up as well. I Hope I can go back there with my family so they can also enjoy the place.


I was browsing the photos on my google photos account and I saw this picture of different mangoes.

Actually, this was shot just a couple of days ago when my mother arrived from the province. These were their “pasalubong” different kinds of mangoes – green mangoes, ripe mangoes and indian mangoes. I bought some of the green mangoes to our office and we enjoyed eating it with bagoong alamang. I love eating mangoes, it would inspire me to do fox double reed reviews.

Do you also enjoy eating this fruit?

Working on a Sunday

Today is Saturday and supposedly it is the last working day of the week but tomorrow, I will be busy with work as we joined a job fair in Pangasinan. It is a local government event and we have been waiting for that since late last year. Good thing finally, the job fair will push thru tomorrow. Since, we would be joining the event, we don’t need to prepare for the tables and chairs, or even a 6 inch patch cable. I hope this event would not only be successful for the LGU but also for us hoping that there would be a lot of applicants for our vacant position.

Free McMuffin: March 9

free mcmuffin

This is available in the Philippines, you may check out McDonald’s site for the list of participating branches.



I have search about hd28 or any instrument like guitar. A friend of mine is asking me about it and I don’t have any idea. But due to my busy schedule for today I wasn’t able to search about it.

So why am I busy? It’s our Christmas party today. I am tired for making sure that everything is set and will go as planned. Good thing, there’s just a bit delay on our videoke and the delivery of our lunch but everything went smoothly. Now, I am just resting a bit, later I’ll drink a bit, and much later I will go home. I just need to enjoy the rest of the day and hope that all our employees enjoyed our party.


I haven’t blog for the longest time (again!), and when I checked last week, I realized that there was a problem on my blog. The blog is not loading but instead a small “page ok” is shown on a blank white page. I have to refresh over and over again, then I checked on the other website and found out that it shows the same problem. Not even a click here icon is shown. So, I have to ask my brother about it since I am sharing the hosting with him. It was the first time that we encounter that problem, and as for me I don’t know what to do, I just leave it all to him and after few hours my site is up and running again. But I have to go back to changing the theme and layout of the site. I still have to find a free theme for the two blogs since I don’t have funds for a customize theme for me. I hope next year I will be able to blog more.

Twirl all you can!

Have you heard about Family mart? It’s almost like any other convenience store like 7-11 or mini-stop. But there’s one thing that makes it different. They have this twirl all you can for only P25.00. What does it mean? You pay the price, they will give you the cone and you will dispense the ice cream yourself. You can put as many as cream as you want on the cone but you can only do it once.

My son has been asking me that we go there and buy the ice cream and last Sunday we were able to go there. We went to a family mart branch in P.Tuazon, Cubao, and they have a promo. The twirl is for only P15.00 but the flavor is only green tea. Still, it’s delicious, it’s not too sweet but it’s not all “green tea” taste. My son enjoyed it.

And of course, I have to share it to my office mates since it is near our office. So, yesterday, after office hours we went to Family mart and had some fun.

Being an ex-crew of a fast food restaurant, I have the advantage of making my twirl. :)