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Free McMuffin: March 9

free mcmuffin

This is available in the Philippines, you may check out McDonald’s site for the list of participating branches.



I have search about hd28 or any instrument like guitar. A friend of mine is asking me about it and I don’t have any idea. But due to my busy schedule for today I wasn’t able to search about it.

So why am I busy? It’s our Christmas party today. I am tired for making sure that everything is set and will go as planned. Good thing, there’s just a bit delay on our videoke and the delivery of our lunch but everything went smoothly. Now, I am just resting a bit, later I’ll drink a bit, and much later I will go home. I just need to enjoy the rest of the day and hope that all our employees enjoyed our party.


I haven’t blog for the longest time (again!), and when I checked last week, I realized that there was a problem on my blog. The blog is not loading but instead a small “page ok” is shown on a blank white page. I have to refresh over and over again, then I checked on the other website and found out that it shows the same problem. Not even a click here icon is shown. So, I have to ask my brother about it since I am sharing the hosting with him. It was the first time that we encounter that problem, and as for me I don’t know what to do, I just leave it all to him and after few hours my site is up and running again. But I have to go back to changing the theme and layout of the site. I still have to find a free theme for the two blogs since I don’t have funds for a customize theme for me. I hope next year I will be able to blog more.

Twirl all you can!

Have you heard about Family mart? It’s almost like any other convenience store like 7-11 or mini-stop. But there’s one thing that makes it different. They have this twirl all you can for only P25.00. What does it mean? You pay the price, they will give you the cone and you will dispense the ice cream yourself. You can put as many as cream as you want on the cone but you can only do it once.

My son has been asking me that we go there and buy the ice cream and last Sunday we were able to go there. We went to a family mart branch in P.Tuazon, Cubao, and they have a promo. The twirl is for only P15.00 but the flavor is only green tea. Still, it’s delicious, it’s not too sweet but it’s not all “green tea” taste. My son enjoyed it.

And of course, I have to share it to my office mates since it is near our office. So, yesterday, after office hours we went to Family mart and had some fun.

Being an ex-crew of a fast food restaurant, I have the advantage of making my twirl. :)

Dining at S & R

Ever since our friend recommended the pizza at S&R, it became our favorite. We usually dine at S&R restaurant located in Puregold in Cubao. We love the pizza because it’s only P99.00 and the slice is big and the drink is also big as seen on the picture below. But the other week, when we ate at the restaurant the drink is smaller than the usual. We just added something to upsize the drink. But anyway, the pizza is still big and delicious. That’s why we still plan to eat there again and again even if there will be a promo online and I need to buy voucher by hitting the buy now button I won’t hesitate to do it.

Have you tried S&R?

New Uniform

Last month, we started wearing our new uniforms but I wasn’t able to take picture of myself and/or of my officemates. This week, we had the chance to take pictures after office hours.

The dressmaker that we got was the same as last year but we provided the design got from the internet with a few revisions. It doesn’t matter if I got free shipping or not because the dressmaker’s place is just near our office, so we would just drop by at their place, or they would be the ones to go to our office during the time that they had to get our measurement or when they had to bring the made uniforms for our fitting. The uniform are just fine, fits well, but if not they are willing to do the adjustments. We have two designs and we have to wear this for the rest of the year until the mid of next year by then we will have another set of uniforms.

Training and Development

I am blessed to be part of a company wherein the boss is very open to training and development. Last year, I was able to attend three company-paid trainings. Two of which is hosted by Ariva Academy and each is a two-day event, but it is more on “classroom” training type. The other one is a camp type of training facilitated by Bob Garon Group. This is a three days training and things such as materials for tent, personal things like clothes, kent brush should be brought to the training venue. This camp has pushed us to our limits but it was all worth it.

This year, our boss is already asking us the training that we have in mind that would further help us excel in our job and be able to do our responsibilities well. As for me, I am at the HR department, I have to analyze the trainings submitted by the department head so I can recommend the right training and be able to create costing for each person.

It’s back!!

I am a potato lover! Whether it is French fries, mashed potato, baked potato, potato in Afritada, in Nilaga or however potato is cooked I will surely eat them. That’s why when I saw in TV commercial last night that Mcdonald’s twister fries is back I am so excited. I love McDonald’s twister fries as well. I like its different flavor, its crunch and it’s always fun eating them.

Are you a twister fries fan also?

What’s keeping me busy?

Aside from work and daily household chores when I am home, I am also busy “farming” during my spare time. I am currently playing Farmville 2 on our tablet and I am at level 34 already. I remember I used to play Farmville one back then when it was still popular at facebook, but I was using our PC for it. While playing games I am also listening to music that even my muscians friend would like to listen to.

Anyway, I need neighbors on my farm, so whoever is playing Farmville 2, just leave your name here so we can be friends and neighbors. :D

Happy Birthday, Mabel!

Today is a special day for my friend, Mabel, also known by her other friends as Sabie. We’ve met at a popular fast food restaurant when I was just 17 years old as we were both a service crew at that time. Now, I almost doubled that age and we are still friends. We may not see each other as often as possible but still the connection is not lost. Whenever we see each other, it may take about six to 10 months before it happens :), the stories and laughter never ends. In times of problem, we are still ready to be there for each other. This friendship is for keeps.

Happy Birthday Mabel!
I Love You!